Works In Progress

I will be looking to put out 3-4 books per month here in 2014 and here is where you can keep up to date with their progress.  Below is the scheduled release dates of my next three books.

My Best Friend Is A Space Alien, Really!!! (Book #5 In The “My Best Friend Is” Adventure series) Due early January 2014

When Gleeu Vovlov, a fun loving ten year old space alien from the planet Kartozia sends a message out to a lonely little boy from Earth, the fireworks begin. Stuart Bailey, with his coke bottle glasses, green khaki shorts and a yellow hooded sweater with a smiley face painted on the front that mismatched his goofy red hair and freckles, could sure use a friend and when Gleeu touches down his spaceship in Stuart’s hometown of San Francisco, the fun and adventures are just beginning.  From riding in his spaceship and blowing up asteroids to flying over the Golden gate bridge it’s the adventure of a lifetime for these two boys who become fast friends.  Even sampling some of San Francisco’s finest food is an adventure in itself as they become fast friends in this heartwarming story of true friendship between boys from different parts of the galaxy.

My Best Friend Is A Superhero, Really!!! (Book #6 In The  “My Best Friend Is” Adventure Series) Due Mid January 2014

Ten year old Johnny Braden is a superhero and his dad is his faithful sidekick.  They fight epic battles in the backyard against the evil Lord Kruug, the emperor of a race of lizard creatures that wants to enslave the galaxy. When the real Lord Kruug shows up and invades the Earth, Johnny vows to defeat Lord Kruug himself.  During his attempt, Johnny is befriended by a strange visitor, Prince Lorkan, from Mistovia, a far off planet that was recently invaded and annihilated by the Lord Kruug.  Find out how Johnny and Prince Lorkan team up to destroy the evil Lord Kruug and restore peace to both the Earth and the galaxy in the newest exciting adventure in the “My Best Friend Is” series.

My Best Friend Is A Pirate, Really!!! (Book #7 In The  “My Best Friend Is” Adventure Series) Due Late January 2014

Ten year old Timmy Wilson loves pirates.  He just can’t get enough of pirate lore.  It consumes his every waking moment but when his parents take him on a vacation to Jamaica to get away from the silly taunts of the neighborhood kids who constantly tease him about his love for pirates, Timmy accidently stumbles upon the dreaded Crimson Pirate.  A local legend that has come to life, The Crimson Pirate has been sailing the seven seas for the past three hundred years looking for buried treasure.  When Timmy’s parents are kidnapped by the Crimson  Pirate’s crew  who decide to mutiny, Timmy and the Crimson Pirate strike a deal to help Timmy free his parents  and the Cap’n get his ship and crew back as well as find his buried treasure.  Will they succeed?  Find out how in another exciting adventure from A. J. Westin that teaches the value of true friendship and courage against all odds.


A. J. Westin

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