Writing Children’s Books With A Purpose


What’s Your Purpose For Writing Children’s Books?

We all have a purpose in life and writing children’s books with stories that inspire children is what I enjoy doing more than anything else.  What is your purpose?  Do you even have a purpose?

Let me ask it another way.  Are you writing because you want to write or are you looking for the big  payday?  Is writing for children something that makes you happy or is it the latest Kindle craze that everyone is talking about and is going to net you $1000’s a month in royalties.  This is important because if you are doing this for all the wrong reasons then your writing will suffer and the children who read your books will see it in your writing and will not read anything else you write.

What Is Writing Children’s Books With A Purpose?

Everyday I try to write stories for children.  I have a plan and I follow it as to what I will be writing.  What characters I will be writing about, the types of stories I want to write as well as what messages my stories tell.  I figured out my purpose years ago and now I want to get that message out.  I love children and I want to make them happy.  You see, I didn’t have a happy childhood and I missed out on a lot of things.  Learning how to read when I was three years old helped me cope with a dysfunctional family life and reading stories really helped me deal with my surroundings.  It’s what led me to this career as a children’s book writer.

I write because I want to.  I don’t haphazardly write about things that aren’t important to me or my writing.  I don’t put of my writing because I’m bored or feel like doing something else.  My purpose drives me to write.  Dedication is at the core of my purpose.  There are many things I could be doing but it always comes back to the reader.  I do it for them.  I’ve been given a talent and to waste your talent is a sin to your purpose in life.

What Is Your True Purpose When Writing For Children?

There are 4 basic things that will help you find and define what your purpose is when writing for children.

  1. Decide what is important to you – Of all the things you do, do you know what is truly important to you?  You must follow what is important to your core being and through that you will find your purpose.  Once you find your purpose you will find that writing children’s stories will start pouring out of you like a faucet.
  2. Set up a routine – Living with a routine helps put you in the proper state of mind.  Once your mind is at ease, your heart will divulge what your purpose is.  Your heart has been waiting for this all your life and wants to let it all hang out so let it.  Go with the flow.
  3. Learn everything you can about your craft – Having a purpose is one thing but if you have no idea how to write then practice your craft.  Learn everything you can about writing for children and pour yourself out in your stories.
  4. Research with a purpose –  Knowing what you want to write about is the first part becoming a write.  Study children, their habits, their speech patterns, the way they play and how they interact.  These are the things that make good writers great writers.  Some people just won’t do the hard work to become great.
  5. Live your purpose – The only way you will become a dedicated writer is if you live what you do.  If your purpose is to write picture books than live your life as a picture book writer.  Don’t just say it, do it!  be your purpose and live what you believe in.

Finally, with all that has been said, don’t be afraid to let others know what your purpose is in life.  Let them see you do it and working at your writing.  Get people interested in your books and who you are.  Be an inspiration to others.  When they see your dedication, commitment and drive to become a writer, they will be the ones who become your first fans.

Your readers deserve the best you can give them and writing with a purpose is what will be your incentive to write those great children’s stories.  Don’t ever give up, and don’t let other try to squash your purpose.  You’ve been given a mission here on Earth so get to it.  The children are waiting for you.


A. J. Westin is a children's adventure book author who specializes in writing stories kids really want to read. He has written over two dozen books and has dedicated his life to helping kids become better readers through his inspirational stories.
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