Writing Children’s Books With Angela Dominguez


Writing And Illustrating Children’s Books With Angela Dominguez

Writing children’s books with Angela Dominguez is an interview she did where she talks about becoming a children’s author and illustrator as well as her new book, “Lets Go, Hugo!”

Angela was born in Mexico City she she spent most of her early life in Texas.  She now lives and works in San Francisco. Her early years was filled with books and she loved making a mess creating pictures. She has illustrated twelve children’s books and has worked with many publishers including Dial, Abrams, Candlewick, Children’s Book Press, and Henry Holt which are fans of her work.

In 2013, Angela wrote her first children’s book with Let’s Go, Hugo! and then followed up with “Maria Had A Little Llama” and “Santiago Stays.”

She is the faculty adviser to AAU Children’s Book Club and also teaches at the Academy of Art University in the Illustration Department.

Writing And Illustrating Children’s Books

As a writer and illustrator of children’s picture books, she is living her dream having loved drawing since she was a little girl.  Her ideas come from her experiences as well as who she feels she is and these ideas influence her stories.

She thinks visually in her writing and she is very influenced by people, places and events that are happening around her.  She says this is how young people who want to start writing and illustrating children’s books should start.  She also believes young artists and authors should be reading children’s books so they can understand what types of stories are being written as there is a certain structure that picture books must follow.

When writing for the children’s market she puts an emphasis on knowing as much about your character as you can so that your story reflects the traits of the character.  You also need to care about your characters from a personal standpoint.  They are like your babies and you need to treat them that way.

Here are three books she recommends every children’s book author and illustrator should read and they are:

1- Encyclopedia Of Writing And Illustrating Children’s Books

2- Illustrating Children’s Books: Creating Pictures for Publication

3- Writing with Pictures: How to Write and Illustrate Children’s Books

Angela is a very dedicated children’s book author and illustrator and is in high demand among publishing companies.


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