Author Craig Smith’s Philosophy For Writing Children’s Books

Writing Children’s Books

Award winning children’s book author Craig Smith talks about his philosophy for writing children’s books.  His first idea that rings so true with every children’s author is this:  Make your story fun.  When it is fun for the children they will enjoy what you write and get more out of it. Children have a way of being right to the point when they give their opinions and if you write a book that resonates with them you have readers for life.

The moral of the story is important but the story is the main reason children will read your book.  There are formulas that have been used for ages to write stories but you can throw some of these out the door.  The truth is, many writers use their imagination and bend the rules in order to make a book interesting.  If a book isn’t interesting there is no use in writing a children’s book and children will not want to read it.

You need to grab your reader’s attention fast because if you don’t grab them quickly they will leave before you have a chance to tell your story.  A big beginning or something different than the usual story will be the opening of  your template to write a great story.  This will be a solid piece of writing that puts a accent on the story.

Your story should also have a hero that must make a decision in his or her life that they must face.  It could be a life or death or doing something they’ve never done before or even being brave… These are great avenues to consider and work within your story template. Another idea that helps write great children’s stories is having an evil bad guy who can push your story forward and give your hero something to fight for.  Finally, we get to the end where it must always have a happy ending.  Kids don’t like to be let down after reading your story only to find the hero died or didn’t get the girl or lost something.  It’s a proven fact that happy endings give a positive feeling for the reader. Here are a few books that get this concept right:

My Best Friend Is A Superhero, Really!!!

My Best Friend Is A Pirate, Really!!!


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