How To See The World Through The Eyes Of A Writer

Seeing The World Through A Writer’s Eyes

As a writer, it’s hard to turn off our writing instincts but seeing the world through the eyes of a writer is how we improve our craft.  We need to keep our ears and eyes open for the possibilities that life brings our way.  When you learn how to see the world through the eyes of a writer you see things that others don’t.

It has been said that the world is one big story and it is our job to capture that story and make it known to the masses.  Once you learn how to see the world that way, all kinds of ideas for new stories will pop into your mind.  From new and wild characters to  fun ideas for new stories, our eyes must look for these stories in everyday life.

How Does A Writer See Things Others Don’t?

One way to improve how you see the world is how you see things opposed to how others see things.  Writers find the story where normal people don’t.  When you watch television, a movie or even go to a play, focus on the plot, the characters and the ideas presented.  How did the writer use his characters?  Did he do them justice?  How would you have changed what the characters did?  Did you like the setting or should he have used another place or time?  By focusing on what you see, you can then apply what you have learned to your own writing and make it better.

Use this opportunity to take everyday events such as reading newspapers or even watching and listening to people to make your dialogue better and to get to the heart of a story.  Storytelling is an art that must be learned and everyday life can be a stepping stone to great stories down the road.

Think about the words the author chooses to use and why he choose them.  How did the idea come to him?  What was his inspiration for the idea?  These things can improve your craft as a result of studying how other writers write.  Everything in life is a chance to improve your writing so keep your ears and eyes open for the possibilities that life is giving you.


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